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Belize Ground Transportation

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While there may be many options for Belize transportation, the best way to get around Belize is by renting a car.  To get to the offshore cays, take a water taxi, it will add adventure to your excursion!  Also, check out our sister transportation company in Park City, Utah as well as an excellent activity provider there.

Belize Bus Service

There is bus service in Belize that will take you around the country with reliable, though limited, service.  The buses stop at the airport regularly and conductors are on board to help you with your luggage.  Bus travel to Belize City and Belmopan occurs frequently, some of the smaller towns do not get service more than once a day.

Belize Taxi Service

Taxis in Belize are plentiful and fares are reasonable.  Belize taxis are not metered, so be sure to agree on a fare before you get in the cab.  Only use Belize taxis with green license plates, these are the official taxi services.

Belize Water Taxis

To go between the coastal towns and the Cayes and other Belize island communities, water taxis are available and are a fun way to travel.  Smaller aircraft will also take you there from the airports, but being on a boat on those beautiful waters, seeing all of the sights, can’t be beat.  The cost is very little, around $7 to $20 one way depending on where you are going, and the trips usually quick.

Belize Car Rental

Belize rental car agencies are located at the airport and several other locations around the country.  A rental car is the only way to get around Belize and manage to see everything.  Taxi tours are very expensive, and the bus doesn’t go everywhere you may want to.  Caution is needed when driving in Belize for several different reasons:  Read more information on driving in Belize and a list of Belize car rental companies.
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